Phishing Problem?

The greatest prevention is education.

The Problem Posed by Phishing, Protect Your Organization

Social engineering, or the act of attacking the human element of security, poses a significant risk to businesses. This is a concern for businesses, as 29 percent of security breaches leverage social tactics and the average cost of data breach is $7.2 million or $156 per compromised record.

Almost half of all social engineering attacks involve some form of phishing. When dealing with targeted attacks, this number increases to over 90 percent. In addition, the threat is increasing, as the total number of phishing attacks launched in 2012 was 59 percent higher than in 2011. At same time, social engineering prevention and testing is often overlooked. Less than 46 percent of companies perform any type of social engineering training or testing.

Minimize The Threat From Phishing

PhishingBox is a cost-effective and simple method for conducting simulated phishing attacks. With PhishingBox, any company can evaluate the human element of security. Whether you are testing employees at your company, or those of your clients, PhishingBox makes social engineering testing simple. Watch our short video below.