Security Awareness Training Moments

Realtime Training After A Phishing Failure

The security awareness training moments are an optional setting to configure when creating a phishing test with our phishing simulator.  When configuring a phishing campaign, the organization can determine what happens if the end-user clicks a link in an email used during a simulated phishing attack.  One of the options is to have a training moment or landing page displayed to the person that clicked the link. This training moment provides security related information to the employee.  PhishingBox provides several training moments that can be used, or organization can create custom training moments.  Several default training moments that are included within the PhishingBox security awareness training platform are below.  An example of a custom-built training moment may include specific information about the organization's security policies.  

Authentication System Security

Warning Signs

Avoid Data Exposure

Don't Get Hooked

Basic Email Security

Best Practices