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Why GoldPhish?


Human risk is difficult to quantify because you must consider every type of threat, from malicious attacks to employee negligence. However, investing in a holistic Cybersecurity program to change user behavior and limit human risk is a good start, and with Goldphish, It's Cyber Made Simple. A combination of mixed media engages users and helps keep security awareness front of mind. Interactive modules, quizzes, Infographics, posters, videos, and bite-sized courses complement any awareness training program. 

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Providing you with pre-program communications for your organization to create buzz and drive compliance. 

User Enrollment

Easily enroll users on the training platform and assigned users will receive email invitations to begin training immediately. 

Get Results

Users get started with assigned training campaigns, and you can track and produce progress reports when and if you need them. 

Do More with PhishingBox and GoldPhish

Establishing a robust security awareness training program is required in the current environment. Security threats and compliance mandates require ongoing security awareness training for most organizations. With the PhishingBox suite of software tools and GoldPhish training content, an organization can establish a sound employee security awareness program.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. We offer all prospective clients the opportunity to test the system. Please contact us and we will gladly demo the system, answer any questions that you may have and provide you with a trial account.

Security Awareness Training & Threat Prevention

Use our suite of security tools for a robust security awareness training and threat prevention program.