Phishing Inbox

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Phishing Threats Taken Serious

Phishing Inbox is a lightweight phishing threat identification and mitigation tool. Phishing Inbox has been built to solve the problem of bridging the gap between security training and daily threat operation management. Our endpoint software allows you to deploy quickly and use Phishing Inbox with any dedicated IMAP email account.

With Phishing Inbox, you can identify patterns of threats via email faster than ever. Deploy resources where your enterprise needs it and not waste time tracking down false positives. Phishing Inbox gives you a place to centralize all emails threats being reported. Phishing Inbox automates many key elements to make managing and using the system seamless. Phishing Inbox allowing you to manage your own layer of blocklists combine with PhishingBox Advance Threat Graph (ATG) of email address, domain names, URLs, IP Addresses and many other points of interest.