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PhishingBox Content Provider Program

PhishingBox is a comprehensive platform for conducting security awareness training and testing. Establishing a comprehensive security awareness program is to have a method to deliver the training to an organization’s workforce. Although the overall concepts of security training are similar, organizations often want a look and feel the fits their culture. For example, some companies look for a formal feel, while others would rather have a more comedic or fun presentation. This variation in content provides an opportunity for content creators to offer their courses to our existing client base.

Your organization has invested a lot of resources to create quality, engaging content. Our platform provides an avenue to sell courses to a new audience. In addition, the training can be combined with phishing testing, to include automatic enrollments after.

Expanded Reach
Tailored to Your Needs
We Handle the Details

Content Provider Program Features


A universal format

We accept SCORM formatted courses. SCORM provides easy setup and delivery.

Global Delivery

Teaching across borders

Assigning training can be time consuming. With auto enrollment, training can easily be assigned.

Training Packages

Combine training together

We have a global client base, so your courses can be delivered across the planet.


Tailored to your needs

We work with our partners to establish mutually beneficial arrangement.

No Limits

Not just security

The system is not limited to security courses, although that is our specialty.

Solution Provider

Expanding opportunities

Not only sell your courses, you can use our platform as your own. Check our solution provider options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You can control who purchases your courses. In many cases, we have companies that use our platform as a “Solution Provider” and white label the system to promote their own brand.

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Optionally, content provides have the ability to be listed on our site.  

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