KnowBe4 vs PhishingBox

When comparing KnowBe4, you should strongly consider PhishingBox.

An effective anti-phishing awareness campaign can properly equip your employees to identify the highly deceptive tactics that the phishers employ on a daily basis.
Nothing exposes the vulnerability of your employees more than a sophisticated phishing scheme. The best way to prevent phishing incidents is to educate your workforce on the common tactics used by the phishing creators. PhishingBox can be used on any device, providing the ability to perform administrative tasks in the office or on the go. Our custom landing pages are also device-friendly to make the user feel safe. Our phishing simulator includes a vast library of templates that are designed to mimic real-world attacks without any of the danger. Instead of purchasing anti-phishing software, make the smart investment in PhishingBox.
When comparing KnowBe4 versus PhishingBox, the absolute best solution is PhishingBox, hands down. Compare everything for yourself and see why.
Free TrialYesDemo
SaaS DeploymentYesYes
MSP/Reseller Suite  
Private LabelingYesNo
API Integration (for resellers)YesYes
Full Client Account ManagementYesYes
Account BillingYesN/A
Unlimited Template CustomizationYesLimited
Unlimited Template CreationYesLimited
Multi-Client FeaturesYesYes
USB Drive TestingYesYes
Attachment Testing (with Macros)YesYes
LDAP IntegrationYesYes
Global APIYesYes
Customizable Web-HooksYesNo
Training MomentsYesMandated
Training CoursesYes (Optional)Mandated
Support & Training  
Full Priority Level Support (Free)YesNo
Free TrainingYesNo
Here are the system-wide advantages of PhishingBox:
  • PhishingBox is the only company that allows MSPs and Single Companies to purchase allocations of emails that they can use, as needed, across their entire client base. PhishingBox customers don’t have to buy single company licenses (per user licenses) to resell or use on their clients.
  • Access to the Training Options that fit your company’s exact needs:
    • Utilize in-house content that comes with your license
    • Create course through our Courses Module
    • Redirect to other sites, training partners or your own content
    • Integrate with existing Learning Management Solutions via our Global API
    • Utilize and integrate with Other Solutions through our Training Marketplace
  • PhishingBox allows for complete customization of phishing and training templates, as well as the ability to create templates from scratch.
  • PhishingBox has an ‘URL Replication’ / Cloning Features to quickly develop custom templates / landing pages.
  • PhishingBox platform allows Audit Firms and Security Professionals to resell and private label the entire platform. Other platforms will not.
  • PhishingBox is cost effective compared to similar competitors like KnowBe4.
  • PhishingBox is an agile company that will work with potential customers on custom needs to be able to do business.
  • PhishingBox offers full customer support and training for the lifetime of our partnership, which includes: one-on-one support, phone support, email support and access to our online resources.
  • PhishingBox has GDPR compliant operations.
  • PhishingBox offers access to LDAP Integration.
  • PhishingBox offers access to Global API and Web Hooks on the Campaign and Account levels.

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