Cybersecurity Training Program

Security Awareness Training

A PhishingBox cybersecurity training program ensures that everyone at your organization has an appropriate level of know-how about security along with an appropriate sense of reliability.  The first line of defense in any security posture is your controls.  The second line of defense is detection.  The third line of defense is your people.  A good cybersecurity awareness program should arm your third line of defense by educating them about the first and second lines and giving them the tools they need to do the right thing day in and day out.The PhishingBox cybersecurity training program puts the control back into the hands of your company or organization.

Why should your organization offer cybersecurity awareness training for employees?  It’s simple.  If employees don’t know how to recognize a security threat, how can they be expected to avoid it, report it or remove it?  They can’t. The 2019 State of IT Security Survey found that email security and employee training were listed as the top problems faced by IT security professionals. 

Cybersecurity training programs are important because they reinforce that security is the responsibility of everyone in the company. Make sure all your employees are protecting your business.  Research consistently demonstrates that an ongoing cybersecurity program of education, training and awareness significantly reduces the risk of a data breach.  

The purpose of implementing a strong, thorough cybersecurity training program is not to simply satisfy compliance needs.  The true purpose of a solid cybersecurity training program is to prevent sensitive data loss and the pain and anguish that accompany a breach.  To gauge the effectiveness of a cybersecurity  training program, data tracking must be tracked and updated from year to year.

Social engineering, spear phishing, drive-by downloads and watering holes are just some of the attack strategies that your employees face on a day-to-day basis.  Help them recognize and avoid threats like these while ensuring that your business information is continuously secure.  No business is ever completely safe from cybercrime.  Hackers find more sophisticated ways to break into systems, steal data and disguise their threats to take advantage of unsuspecting businesses.  

For a truly effective cybersecurity training program, you can count on PhishingBox. Our PhishingBox cybersecurity training program is not only thorough and up-to-date, but our program also puts the control back into the hands of your organization – because firewalls alone are no longer enough.  PhishingBox trains your employees to think of their proactive security efforts as the “human firewall.”

Despite firewalls and other security software, employees are still the most common entry point for phishers.  For an organization with more employees, the entry points increase and an increase in “phish” in the sea.  PhishingBox online cybersecurity training helps employees to protect themselves and the company against cyber-attacks and threats.  Training empowers employees with an up-to-date know-how on how to recognize and mitigate a cyber-threat.  By training employees to identify and eliminate cyber-threats, you are strengthening the most vulnerable link in the chain.  This way, phishers willingly move on to other people’s waters.

Cybersecurity training program topics to cover in your PhishingBox employee training:

  • Different forms of cybersecurity threats
  • Importance of password security
  • How to identify and report cybersecurity threats
  • Email, internet and social media policies

The main purpose for a cybersecurity training program is to create a sense of shared responsibility and accountability so that the organization is safe from attacks due to human factor.  Make online cybersecurity training mandatory for every new employee.  Update and repeat training regularly and make it a continuous process, not a one-time event.  This helps to keep up with the ever-evolving cyber-threats.

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