Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program for Employees

Employee Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity awareness works by sending mock malicious emails (i.e., phishing, malware or ransomware) to employees.  These emails imitate the type of online threats and abuse that they would encounter in the real world, to see which employees might fall victim to the threat.  Searching for cybersecurity awareness training for employees?  Then, search no further than PhishingBox.  

If an employee clicks on a malicious link or opens a malicious attachment contained in the simulated attack, they will be redirected to an online training module.  It is designed to teach them all about the type of threat they just fell for.  This will significantly reduce the risk of them falling for the same thing next time – when a criminal might be the one sending them the attack.

Cybersecurity awareness works by sending mock malicious emails (i.e., phishing, malware or ransomware) to employees.PhishingBox cybersecurity awareness training for employees includes:

  • Phishing awareness training
  • Simulated malware and ransomware training
  • Invoice fraud and/or tax fraud
  • Network security training
  • Internet security training
  • Social media cybersecurity awareness training

Many executives believe that cybersecurity awareness training for employees needs to be as serious as the topics they cover.  PhishingBox cybersecurity training is proven to help employees embrace strong data security practices where and when they count most: in their everyday activities.

The argument for educating employees on cybersecurity awareness is a simple one.  If employees don’t know how to recognize a security threat, how can they be expected to avoid it, report it or remove it?  They can’t.  

The 2019 State of IT Security Survey found that email security and employee training were listed as the top problems faced by IT security professionals.  Employees, not technology, are the most common entry points for phishers.  When it comes to companies, there are many social engineering threats.

Your employees need online cybersecurity awareness training to protect themselves and the company against cyber-attacks.  By making employees aware of security threats, how they might present and what procedures to follow when a threat is identified, you’re strengthening the most vulnerable links in the chain.  So, phishers are more likely to move on to someone else’s waters and leave yours in peace.

For employees to be able to identify and prevent security breaches, they’ll need a basic education in the different ways that cybersecurity threats can present themselves.  For the most part, this includes spam, phishing, malware, ransomware and social engineering.  It’s important to explain to your employees that spam isn’t only found in e-mails, but in social media messages and invitations, too.  

Effective cybersecurity awareness training starts with the acknowledgement that employees are the weakest cybersecurity link.  Conversely, they’re also the strong line of defense against cyber-attacks.  Cybersecurity awareness training provides every employee with a fundamental understanding that there are imminent and ongoing cyber threats, preparing employees for common cyber-attacks and threats.

Cybercriminals use many tactics to gather the information needed for phishing attacks.  Employees and senior management need to be vigilant.  Besides learning how to identify suspicious emails, they must also learn how social engineering attacks are constructed.  It’s not enough to send phishing awareness emails to employees.  Employees need cybersecurity awareness training and simulated phishing campaigns that assess and measure their susceptibility to phishing attacks.

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