Corporate Security Awareness Training

End User Security Training

Corporate Security Awareness Training is a vital component in onboarding new employees and ongoing security cyber-attack training and prevention for employees on every level of your business or organization. The magnitude of cybersecurity attacks is on a scale like never before and these dangerous scams are increasing exponentially. There is no industry segment that is immune to phishing, malware, spyware and ransomware – and its simple point of entry most frequently is through malicious emails that fly into employee inboxes, all the time looking quite benign. Rather than rely upon technology vulnerabilities, cyber criminals target specific employees with the hopes that this employee has low-level security awareness. With strong corporate security awareness training, your company will have a bulwark against sensitive data loss, ransom demands, deadlocked computer technology and the chaos that follows from any of these cyber-attacks.

Cyber-attack training is essential for businesses of all sizes and must be conducted to embed learning into your everyday business practices through phishing simulation that will test and reinforce good behavior. PhishingBox is a subscription platform that has been widely embraced by companies everywhere, operating in a range of industry sectors. The team at PhishingBox has developed a sophisticated training tool that conducts customized phishing simulations to effectively test and train employees’ cyber security awareness and susceptibility to the full range of cyber attacks that are assaulting companies. Founded in 2005, PhishingBox is committed to continuous improvement. Our Phishing Simulator continuously evolves through our constant reinvestment reflecting feedback from our customers around the globe. As our computer-based training focuses on training employees to recognize and avoid phishing attacks, your company is strengthening its strongest resource, the human firewall.

Some of the topics covered in PhishingBox corporate security awareness training are as follow:

  • Phishing - Employees will be educated on how to spot and report phishing and the dangers of interacting with suspicious links or entering credentials on a spoofed page.
  • Desktop security – Employees learn the potential consequences of failing to lock or shut off computers at appropriate times.
  • Wireless networks – Employees will be trained on the nature of wireless networks and the risks of connecting with unfamiliar ones.
  • Password security - Employees will be trained to change their passwords on a regular basis.
  • Malware - Employees will be educated on recognizing malware and the damage it can do.

Our PhishingBox platform is successfully embraced by companies of all sizes that want to develop strong malware awareness in their employees for a number of reasons:


  • You can customize your emails and/or use our pre-built phishing emails and other sophisticated tools.
  • Our effective tool for social engineering testing is simple to use.
  • Simple workflow is achieved with our menu driven system.
  • We provide you with comprehensive reporting that will identify your security weaknesses.
  • The PhishingBox tool can be easily used to conduct testing for multiple clients.
  • You will not have to buy any hardware or software to use our platform.
The goal of the Phishing Box corporate security training program is to comprehensively train employees to identify phishing and other types of social engineering cyber-attacks, spot potential malware, report potential security threats, conform to company IT policies and adhere to any applicable data privacy and compliance regulations. Take that important first step to enhance corporate security awareness training at your company by contacting a member of the PhishingBox team today at (877)634-6847 for a demo and free 7-day trial.

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